3 Steps to Creating an Effective Route to Market Strategy

3 Steps to Creating an Effective Route to Market Strategy

Route to market strategy can be used to identify everything needed for a successful business. Certainly, so that the business is able to operate as expected. 

Good management will provide maximum profit since the anticipated target market results in things which already planned.

Here are things you should know about a route to market.


Definition of Route to Market 

Talk about a route to market, the first thing we need to know is “what is it” and “how are we using it?”.  Everything we desired needs to be well-planned and create a good concept. 

Hence, route-to-market, or RTM, is a strategy carried out by people in a company’s sales or marketing department.

From a business perspective, RTM is a strategy used to sell a company’s products to the seller or end-users. 

On the other hand, from a sales perspective, RTM refers to a product marketing process carried out by a large distributor to small retailers. 


Why Business needs a Route to Market?

Here are reasons why small and large companies should use the route to market. 

Profit and cost

When running a business, you need to understand what kind of profits you want and how to achieve them, so your business can operate efficiently and effectively. Profit is used to ensure that your products are well-targeted within the target market 

As for the cost, we can’t run a business without a budget, and we can’t run a business without knowing how much money will be spent. 

Rapid changes in Business

Things have changed as the world has changed. This change can include lifestyle, preferences, foods, tourist attractions, technologies, human behavior in transactions, etc. 

There is also a significant change in business faced by various industries. This change includes where companies are using third-party services to satisfy their customers.

In this case, the route to market focuses on overseeing and spotting customers’ wants and needs. RTM is also can be used to evaluate a company’s marketing.

How to Create an RTM That Meets Your Needs

There are several ways you can do to get an RTM that suits your business. 

Know your customers

A prospective customer plays an important role in business. Some terms you need to know such as the shopper who purchases the products but they do not consume them. 

There are also customers who are not only purchasing the products but also using them routinely.  Your RTM will align with shoppers and customers once you know what they want.  We can start to have good communication with those buyers. 

Companies can make a promotion to attract customers so that they will purchase the products. As part of marketing, RTM can be seen from ages, lifestyles, needs in the field, and so on to gain insight into the desires of their customers, allowing the company to tailor products to meet those desires. 

Meanwhile, sellers will divide their target sales according to retailers or distributors that purchase in bulk. The main purpose of RTM is to understand customers’ needs so that the company can produce products that meet those needs. 

Know your customer’s location

The second thing you need to pay attention to is the location of your target customers. Companies need to understand it as it will affect product sales. 

It is more likely that a company producing a cold drink would sell a lot in a hot area like a seaside resort, whereas it would sell less in a cold area like a mountainous region.

Determine supply chain strategy

After knowing your customers and their location, the next step for businesses is determining the supply chain starting from production to customers. 


Find the Right Strategy to Accelerate Your Business Growth with LOKASI Intelligence

Route to market is basically a strategy used by companies to achieve business goals or accelerate the growth of their products. To accomplish this, companies must develop well-prepared and in-depth strategies. 

LOKASI intelligence is a platform that integrates business intelligence and machine learning and can help companies to formulate the right and effective strategy.

This platform is able to provide information about customers such as customer behavior, and customer interest

Aside from that, LOKASI can also give information about demography like ages, social-economic status, occupation, religions, and so on.

All those information will assist companies in tailoring their strategies to accelerate their business growth and knowing where their segment is.  

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