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Unlock your business potential with custom interactive reports that use tailored datasets and advanced analytics to make data-driven decisions

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Solve Strategic Questions
Get interesting and accurate answers to your complex business questions
Data Driven Recommendation
Combine your data with BVT’s big data to unlock unique insights
Specific and Flexible
Use tailored dataset and analytics to address your specific needs
Competitive Advantage
Compare and get insights into your competitor’s business performance and strategies

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Find the best location for your business by comparing potential demand/supply in different areas.

  • Filter unsuitable areas by target population (demography, SES, etc.), absence/presence of competitors, supporting POIs (schools, housing, etc.), land value, urban growth, and many more

  • Rank suitable sites by potential demand and competitors

  • Site profiling to drill down and compare detailed location characteristics of specific sites

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Find the gap in your market presence by exploring the distribution of your stores, competitors, and customers.

  • Visualise the market coverage of your stores and competitors, as well as their cannibalism

  • Benchmark your performance across different target market segments

  • Discover gap and opportunity in untapped areas or untapped market segments

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Find the best commercial use of your property asset by matching the property type with suitable businesses/tenants.

  • Match your property type and size with suitable business categories, zoning regulation, and road type

  • Take into account the supply/demand of different businesses surrounding the property

  • Get business/tenant recommendations via different strategies (e.g. blue vs red ocean)

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How Does It Work?

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1. Consultancy Session

Our team of domain experts and data analysts will analyse your requirements and recommend specific datasets and analytical approaches to fit your needs.

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2. Analysis [1-4 weeks]

Our data analytics team will prepare the required data and analyse it together with yours, either by reusing/adjusting our solution portfolio or creating new solutions for you.

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3. Results

You will receive the answers to your specific questions via data-rich interactive reports.

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