Field Worker Optimization

Elevate the efficiency and productivity of your field workers with effortless tracking, monitoring, and optimization.

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Field Worker Optimization's Benefit

When you integrate geospatial analytics into your day to day field worker management, you can streamline operations and get better outcomes for your business.

Simplify Task Execution
Field salesman can execute their tasks with greater ease and efficiency by utilizing geo-tagging for store visits.​
Accurate Visit Information
The use of geo-tagging ensures accurate and automated recording of visit-related data to partner stores.
Advanced Monitoring
Easily track and monitor your sales team’s daily visit activities​
Efficient Time Tracking
Helps sales representatives in accurately recording their work hours.​
Improved Accountability
Ensures sales team members are accountable for their attendance.​
Efficient Scheduling
Allows managers to schedule sales activities more effectively.
Real-time Visibility
Provides real-time insights into the whereabouts of the sales team.


Real-time activity monitoring​
Resource allocation & scheduling​
New channel acquisitions​
Customer data cleansing & enrichment​
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