Data Science : Get to Know Data Science Applications in Business

Data Science : Get to Know Data Science Applications in Business

Globally, data is generated every second. It is crucial to understand how to process it and present it in a way that is understandable. 

Data science is used to process data and can be applied to business needs that require a lot of data processing.

What is Data Science?

Data science is used to build, clean, and arrange a set of data to analyze and extract its meaning. It is different from data analysis as their responsibility is to analyze and interpret the data.

Both data science and data analysis are needed in a business. The concepts of data science are combining statistics, data analysis, informatics, and related methods. 

Data science can provide many benefits. It is needed to make a hypothesis, data collection for an experiment, improve data quality, clean a set of data and organize it for analysis. 

Generally, data scientists use coding such as SQL and R in writing algorithms. They also collect data and analyze big data. 

If an algorithm is set correctly, it can discover information or trends that companies have not discovered yet.  In addition, it can also speed up collecting and analyzing data. 

There are many technologies and techniques that are used for data science. The techniques are dependent on their application.

Some of those techniques are regression linear, regression logistics, decision trees, support vector machine, cluster analysis, dimensionality reduction, machine learning, and Naive Bayes classifiers.

Decision trees, for instance, are used to predict the qualification and data matching. Data trees generate rules that classify target variables based on observation attributes. 

The Benefit of Using Data Science in Business

Data science can be utilized for business needs. From the data market to customers, to competitors, there are many kinds of data that need to be processed in a business. 


Among the functions of data science is to learn and compile data business so that it can provide accurate information for companies. Here are some of the benefits of data science in business.

Improve company’s prediction ability

Analysis predictive can be used for compiling data. A data scientist can employ machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to process the existing data. It can also increase a company’s ability to predict and better decision-making.

Ensure real-time intelligence

Data science can also work to identify different data sources and create dashboards that have the ability to look for all of the data in real-time automatically.  That being said, if data is processed in real-time, decisions can be made faster.

Profitable marketing and selling

By having data you can find a solution, communication, and products that suit your customers. Data scientists are able to collect data from multiple sources and present it with accurate information. 

For example, data about customers’ journeys by considering contact points with brands. 

Increase data security

Some of the benefits of data science are working in a data security area which can be used to create a fraud prevention system. 

For instance, a customer’s data may be protected by learning repeated behavior on the system and identifying its weaknesses.

Provide assistance with interpreting complex data

Data science is the right solution when you need to see various data in order to understand business and market.  Depending on the tools that are used to collect the data, you can combine various data starting from visual source and physical data to present better visualization. 

Facilitate decision-making process

Among the benefits of data science is improving the decision-making process. It is possible to spot data in real-time thanks to data science techniques and tools, which allow managers to perform many tasks. 

Data science may be a solution for companies to have an efficient workflow in the digital era, they can partner with data science services providers to provide equipment and technologies needed.

The Implementation of Data Science

The implementation of data science is growing over time and today can be used in various industries. By implementing data science, you don’t need to spend hours just to do data processing since you can perform it in the blink of an eye.

Data science has a crucial role in business, here are some of the implementations of data science in various industries,

Healthcare services 

In the healthcare sector, data science can be used to analyze medical images, genetics,  drug development, and patients’ virtual assistance.

Genetics, for instance, data scientists are able to assist researchers to understand the side effect of DNA on health and find biological connections between gen, disease, and drug responses. 

Drug development needs a complex process and other disciplines. The process also needs many trials and errors. Data science can be employed to simplify the initial filtering stage of drug compounds. 

Targeted advertising 

Ads on social media have a huge impact on businesses. However, ads need to be visually appealing and relevant to the target audience.

Data science is capable of providing information about internet user behavior, therefore you can show your most suited ads. 


As we already know, in the aviation industry, if we don’t manage it well, it will face many disadvantages. Many aviation companies face difficulty in maintaining the occupancy ratio and operating their profit.

By using data science,  companies can improve their performance. Data science is able to predict flight delays, cancel flight tickets, flight routes,  and customer loyalty programs.


Today’s games are designed to use algorithms-like machine learning that allows players to improve themselves when a player levels up.

In addition, in a motion game, the competitor is a computer that analyzes our past behavior. Many companies had used data science such as EA Sports, Zynga, Sony, Nintendo and more. 

Augmented reality

Data science is needed for augmented reality (AR).  AR uses a virtual reality headset that contains computing, algorithms, and data to provide the best watching experience.

Players can take a walk, play, and see Pokemon through their mobile phones. Game makers use data from Ingress, an application that is created to select Pokemon locations.

Internet browse

Google’s internet browser uses a data science algorithm to give the best searching queries in just a second. As a result of data science, we can perform data processing so the results can be displayed in the search bar.

Companies can utilize data science for business needs like the internet marketing field. Businesses that focus on gaming also employ data science to develop their games.

Data scientists are capable of assisting companies in managing required data effectively. We can take advantage of data science for the company’s benefit such as faster decision making.

Data science in marketing 

Marketers need data science in order to be able to adjust their campaign strategies according to the right customers. As a result, data scientists will create customer lifetime value (CLV) which can classify customers according to their behavior.

By following the model, the marketing team will be able to offer products that are suited to the preferences and behaviors of each customer. As we all know, giving our customers better service is key to the company’s success.

Companies can use digital customer intelligence to understand this customer’s behavior. It is a process of collecting and analyzing the existing customers or potential customer  information.

By having a deep understanding of the customer, companies are able to build a more effective and personal relationship with them and will be able to make better business decisions.

Visualize Business Data with LOKASI Intelligence

Today, every company needs to visualize their business data since by doing so decision-makers get insight into their target market easier. 

Data visualization itself is showing raw data in the form of graphics allowing analysts and decision-makers to explore data and get a deep insight into it.

By using data visualization, decision-makers are able to analyze their financial report, marketing strategy, and product trends. Companies can visualize their data by using LOKASI Intelligence.

LOKASI Intelligence is capable of visualizing any data in maps and analyzing it to assist data-driven decision-making. 

This data visualization is useful for business insight, customers profiling based on location, and giving recommendations for business needs.

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