Customer Journey Mapping: Why Businesses Need It

Customer Journey Mapping: Why Businesses Need It

According to PwC, as many as 73% of people consider the customer experience as a crucial factor in making purchasing decisions. Providing a good customer experience has become a necessity, and to achieve this, businesses need to create customer journey mapping. So, what is the definition of customer journey mapping? And how is it created? Find the complete discussion in this article.


What is Customer Journey Mapping?

Customer journey mapping is a visualization that depicts the stages consumers go through when interacting with a business, from buying products online to accessing customer services via the phone.

Customer journey mapping is designed to help businesses understand the increasingly complex journey of consumers. This map not only displays the channels or touchpoints but also the potential customer’s feelings, such as frustration or confusion, and the actions the business expects from the customer.

Benefits of Customer Journey Mapping

Hanover Research reports that 94% of businesses say that customer journey maps help them create new products and services that meet consumer needs. Additionally, 91% say their customer journey maps drive sales.

Understanding the consumer journey not only improves sales but also enables businesses to consistently provide positive customer service and maintain loyalty. Some benefits of customer journey mapping include:

Gain valuable information

Customer journey maps provide valuable insights from various levels within the business, helping in areas like sales interactions with potential customers and store managers wanting to know which stores are frequently visited.

Predicting and Estimating Consumer Behavior

Businesses can evaluate current and future situations using customer journey maps. These maps help predict consumer behaviour and potential client conversions, speeding up the sales process by understanding potential customer demographics.

Displaying Consumer Progress

Customer journey mapping provides clear information on how consumers move from one sales channel to another, helping businesses enhance the efficiency of each path to expedite the closing of deals.

Despite the numerous benefits of implementing customer journey mapping, only about 47% of companies currently do so, according to Hanover’s research. This indicates that many companies have yet to fully leverage the strategic potential of in-depth customer journey understanding.

How to Easily Create a Customer Journey Map

After understanding the definition and advantages of customer journey mapping for businesses, let’s discuss how to create this customer experience map.

Define the Goals

Set goals that will help the business determine desired outcomes. Identify existing and potential consumers, and create specific goals for each stage of the consumer experience. Consider the perspectives of key stakeholders to set these goals.

Identify the Right Consumer Personas

Create customer personas by conducting interviews with existing or potential customers and speaking with employees who frequently interact with customers, such as sales teams.

Determine Consumer Touchpoints

Consumer touchpoints are crucial in the customer journey map as they show how and where customers interact with products or services. When researching and planning touchpoints, be sure to include information covering emotions, actions, and potential obstacles.

Map the Current State

Draft a note that outlines the current experience of the customer journey and illustrate it in a way that is easy to comprehend. Encourage executives and other stakeholders to participate in the process and work together to refine the customer journey map for accuracy.

Map the Future State

After documenting and displaying the current condition, then proceed to identify any inconsistencies or deficiencies in different areas such as customer experience, redundant information, transitions between stages that are not seamless, and significant issues or obstacles faced by customers.

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What is Journey Mapping?

A customer journey map shows the steps customers take when interacting with a business, such as purchasing products online and contacting customer service.

What is a Customer Journey?

The process of a consumer’s interaction with a product or service is known as the customer journey. This journey consists of various stages or paths.

What is Customer Mapping?

Customer mapping is a process of visualizing the territory of a company, leads, and existing customers on a map.

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