5 Green Initiatives Using Location Intelligence

5 Green Initiatives Using Location Intelligence

The Indonesian government has taken active steps to promote the country’s shift towards an environmentally-friendly economy. Initiatives include the promotion of electric transportation, subsidies for the purchase of electric motorcycles, ratification of carbon markets, addressing land degradation, restoring damaged land, preventing deforestation, and other efforts. To implement these sustainable initiatives, technology is required, and location intelligence technology is one example. This article will discuss five green initiatives that rely on location intelligence.


What is Green Initiatives?

Businesses take green initiatives to reduce their environmental impact, which includes actions such as reducing energy consumption, using eco-friendly materials, promoting sustainable transportation, and more.

To show that they have taken steps to reduce their negative impact on the environment and contribute to a more sustainable future, many companies incorporate these green initiatives into their CSR programs or social activities.

Why Green Initiatives are Important?

Green initiatives are becoming increasingly popular due to the severe impact of global warming. For instance, in Indonesia, temperatures often soar up to 37 degrees Celsius during September and October.

Green initiatives can play a significant role in tackling environmental challenges such as extreme weather, climate change, and resource depletion, all of which are important in creating a sustainable and healthier future.

Implementing green initiatives can have several advantages, including:

  • Reducing air pollution and environmental toxins
  • Promoting a healthier environment
  • Promoting energy efficiency
  • Reducing costs for companies
  • Improving business reputation, and more.

Green Initiatives that Need Location Intelligence

After comprehending the meaning of Green Initiatives and the reasons behind businesses needing to implement them, we will discuss six Green Initiatives that utilize location intelligence.

Charging stations for electric vehicles 

Recently, the government introduced a policy to subsidize the purchase of electric motorcycles by Rp. 7 million per unit to encourage environmentally friendly transportation.

Data from Databoks shows that there were 1,947 electric motorcycle users in 2020, which increased significantly to 25,782 units in 2022. As the number of electric vehicle users rises, the need for more charging stations becomes increasingly important.

Governments and responsible companies for the installation of charging stations employ location intelligence to determine the optimal locations for installation.

Sustainable agriculture 

Agriculture impacts various environmental changes such as water shortages, declining soil quality, and more. Sustainable agriculture is an environmentally friendly approach to meeting food and textile needs.

By utilizing location intelligence, land used for agriculture is analyzed based on its location and the surrounding environment, and sustainable farming methods are implemented for optimal results.

Businesses operating in the agricultural sector can also manage their storage or inventory networks which are often scattered in various locations.

Eco-friendly cities 

In Indonesia, many developers are working towards building smart and eco-friendly cities. Location data helps them in planning and can assist them in designing parks and open areas around the city.

Developers can use geospatial data to create more accurate network planning and infrastructure investment models, which will contribute to sustainable city development.

Wind and solar power plants

Wind and solar energy are alternatives to replace coal because they are more environmentally friendly. Location intelligence helps find the best locations to build wind and solar power plants.

Wind and solar energy companies use location intelligence platforms to gather data on potential locations for power plants and substations, as well as information related to land use, land values, and land ownership.

Adaptive reuse projects

Adaptive reuse projects involve repurposing old buildings into something new. Location intelligence helps real estate agents, manufacturers, and others explore land or building use options.

Location intelligence also provides information on land ownership, land registration types, and environmental data in the surrounding area to help assess the suitability of the business to be built.

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LOKASI is equipped with geospatial analytics and offers complete data such as demographics, points of interest (POI), and mobile data to ensure that the area selection is accurate.

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What are green initiatives?

Green initiatives are steps businesses take to lessen their harm to the environment, like conserving energy, using eco-friendly materials, endorsing sustainable transportation, and more.

Why are green initiatives important?

Green initiatives matter because they tackle environmental issues like severe weather, climate change, and preserving resources. These efforts are vital for building a better, healthier, and more sustainable future.

What are some green initiatives that need location intelligence?

Green initiatives needing location intelligence include electric car charging stations, sustainable farming, eco-friendly urban planning, wind and solar energy projects, adaptive reuse project, and others.

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