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Why LOKASI Intelligence?

3 Solution in 1 Platform
3 Solution in 1 Platform

LOKASI Intelligence integrates GIS Software, Big data spatial, anda Spatial analysis.

This combination gives LOKASI the capabilities to VIsualize, Analyze and Optimize the business into one-stop integrated platform.

Reduce Cost
Reduce Cost

Provides a deep understanding of a business location’s characteristics, LOKASI Intelligence help businesses reduce the cost of surveys and data collection for finding a new business.

Manage Risk
Manage Risk

Business risk can be calculated and minimized by using geospatial data such as disasters or the socioeconomic of a location.


Using Software as a Service model, LOKASI Intelligence can be used without requiring any implementation and offer complete data as well as location-based leading to saving time in collecting data and speeding up the decision-making process.


Equipped with geospatial data, LOKASI Intelligence helps business leaders in making informed decisions.

Geospatial Data

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A specific place or destination of potential interest such as a supermarket, tourist attraction, government office, and more.

A network of interconnecting roads that accommodates pedestrians, traffic, and vehicles.

A collection of information on national disaster occurrence.

An overview of the population of a given area, including the age, gender, ethnicity, and religion of the people.

A set of information on urban and city planning.

Information about the socioeconomic status in a specific area.

LOKASI provide this data in the whole of Indonesia to help business people get insight into their business location.

Our Solution

Visualize Any of Your Data in Maps and Analyze it to Create Data-Driven Business Decisions.

Data Visualization
Visualizes your data and BVT data into a Map to gain business insight.
Business Optimization
Give recommendations for business expansion.
Geospatial Analysis
Customer profiling based on location.

Our Feature



Browse all POIs and visualize their distribution down to the village level.

Thematic Map


Certain Data with specific objects or functions obtained from public data providers, NGOs, and governments. 

The data is visualized based on a certain category at a specific boundary administration level.

Grid Analysis


A powerful feature that enables users to analyze an area using certain spatial variables to find the most acceptable and recommended location for expansion.

Site Profiling


A feature used to identify the characteristic of a specific area(s) using a spatial and non-spatial parameter to help improve the business strategy and define the potential market location.

Whitespace Analysis


The process of overlaying client and BVT data to discover potential market gaps and areas that have not yet been covered and visualize the result into a map.

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