The Importance of Location Intelligence for Business Sustainability

The Importance of Location Intelligence for Business Sustainability

Business Sustainability – Martyn Terpilowski, founder and investor of PT. Bhumi Varta Technology was present as a speaker at the CNBC Squawk Box “Tech A Look” on Wednesday 5 October 2022 live at the CNBC Indonesia studio.

Hosted by Syarifah Risma, Martyn talks about his motivation for establishing Bvarta in Indonesia and the reason why he chose to focus on location intelligence.

“We’re in big data space, big data specifically links to the location, so Indonesia has a huge amount of space, a huge amount of island, and a huge amount of data, and actually bringing it up together is something lots of companies need,” said Martyn.

As a geospatial software provider, Bvarta which was founded in 2018 has become a leading company in Indonesia.

Geospatial software, especially in Indonesia, is still relatively uncommon in the public consciousness, which creates a large market opportunity for it.

When big data is linked to geography, it will provide lots of insight that can be utilized for business sustainability.

“I think big data is less useful when it’s not linked to geographic position, all over Indonesia in the third and second cities really need to know, companies really need to know where to expand the business and how to monitor the business and what we’re trying to do is pull it all into one platform,” added Martyn.

Today, we often hear the term location intelligence since many companies have shut down their stores or branches due to COVID-19, and now they’re starting to grow and thrive by conducting expansion.

“So for example like XXI cinema want to open a new cinema they can effectively use our software to predict where the best place to open it, so they put in the details what kind of core clients they looking for are and our software will help to predict and based on big data from BPS, from Dukcapil, from the telco companies,” said the Founder. 

LOKASI Intelligence is equipped with data aside from those mentioned above such as social-economy status, point of interest (POI), and data risk.

By using LOKASI Intelligence, businesses are able to identify a certain location and find the unbeatable location to open new stores or branches so that businesses can reduce their operational costs for surveying locations and save time. 

Initially, Bvarta is established by 4 people, but as the company grows bigger now has more than 150 employees and has various clients both from private companies in Indonesia such as Astra, XXI, Janji Jiwa, Tower Bersama Group, as well as government agencies such as BPN and BSSN.


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