The Importance of Big Data for Business Growth

The Importance of Big Data for Business Growth

Martyn Terpilowski, Founder and President of Bhumi Varta Technology (BVT) spoke at Uzone Talks ” Big Data as the Superhero to Upgrade the Business.”.

This event took place live on December 01, 2022 on UZONE ID Youtube, and was organized by BVT partner Metranet.

Hani Nur Fajrina led the discussion which began with an introduction to the company and the use of big data for business.

“ We linked big data to map and effectively visualize the whole of Indonesia. By using map coordinates and data, we are able to understand the popular location, risk, crime, people density, and demography,” Martyn said.

In simple terms, big data refers to a huge collection of data that can be analyzed to discover patterns, trends, and connections between things.

Location-based big data can offer many benefits for business growth, such as helping a company locate a strategic location for the opening of a new store or finding consumer preferences.


“ We gather demographic data from Dukcapil, data for BPS, and data from other governments, then we visualize it for business needs and institutions,” Martyn added.

BVT’s Lokasi Intelligence platform uses big data and machine learning to assist businesses in making informed business decisions using location analytics and machine learning.

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