Optimizing Business Solution with Location Intelligence

Optimizing Business Solution with Location Intelligence

Location intelligence and big data analytics have been considered as valuable tools in the fight against the pandemic and even in accelerating Indonesia’s economic recovery. The approach of extracting insights from location data to solve spatial problems is referred to as Location Intelligence (LI). Beyond basic data display on maps, LI entails the analysis of location data as a component of a business or social issue.

The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted many people, including the government and corporations, to turn to digital solutions. Minister of tourism and creative economy, Sandiaga Uno remarked that location business intelligence may be extremely valuable in aiding the economy’s recovery as a digital solution utilizing big data and location intelligence.

Location intelligence has the potential to be extremely effective in the battle against pandemics and even in the private sector’s health and economic recovery. For example, it can be used as a tool to assess consumer habits in certain locations, which can assist businesses flourish and accelerate Indonesia’s overall economic growth.

In order to run a business successfully in a post-pandemic world, it is no longer sufficient to only provide excellent service at a reasonable price; visitors now demand customized experiences and services that anticipate their requirements and interests.

In order to offer this level of customization, businesses must first get a comprehensive knowledge of their visitors and then be willing to act on the insights gained from that understanding. Increased real-time data, which produces deeper insights, such as location intelligence, is required for this.

Bhumi Varta Technology is a company that manages and utilizes big data. One of the clients, Janji Jiwa, uses our product namely LOKASI Intelligence to expand their business and other services as well as part of the solution. It is usually brought to mind as a location analytics (i.e. planning businesses or store locations).

As economies and companies continue to change, however, we are seeing a new generation of location intelligence software emerge. Now, location intelligence is in use across the whole supply chain, from frontline sellers to executive management.

If you miss the live session of our founder, Martyn Terpilowski in Metro Globe Network, you can always check a full version video!

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