5 Key Advantages of Location Intelligence in Banking

5 Key Advantages of Location Intelligence in Banking

The banking industry is highly dependent on its customers for growth and development. Thus, banks are always striving to improve customer experience to boost their profits. One way to achieve this is by implementing location intelligence solutions.  These solutions not only enhance the customer experience but also help banks in finding strategic locations and improving operational efficiency. In this article, we will discuss five benefits of location intelligence that can be experienced by the banking industry.


Why do Banks Need to Use Location Intelligence?

Providing a great customer experience has become a top priority for many industries, including banking. However, most banks face challenges in meeting customer expectations, such as faster processes, better security, and effective communication.

This customer experience is crucial as it directly impacts customer loyalty, retention, and overall business performance. Location Intelligence plays a crucial role in this regard.

Location Intelligence refers to the insights and information obtained from geospatial data, which is presented in the form of maps by layering spatial data. These insights can help businesses enhance the overall customer experience.

In addition, Location Intelligence can also help improve the quality of bank data, maximize operational efficiency, reduce business risks, and enhance expansion success, among other benefits.

Benefits of Location Intelligence for Banking

Using Location Intelligence brings a bunch of perks for businesses. Here’s what it offers:

Optimizing Branches

Although digital platforms have become increasingly popular, physical branches remain important in various regions. However, not all branches perform optimally. Some need to be closed, relocated, or new branches opened. It is also crucial to consider the types of services each branch offers.

Location Intelligence helps businesses identify the performance of each branch, determine branches with good or poor performance, analyze influencing factors, and determine characteristics needed to find new branch locations.

Once factors causing poor branch performance are identified, banks can take actions or strategies based on these findings to address the issues.

Location Selection

Location Intelligence enables banks to understand their consumers and compare one location with another. This allows banks to identify the types of locations likely to yield good results.

By combining demographic data and visitation rates in an area, banks can have a comprehensive understanding of the consumers served in that area. This information helps businesses manage staff and determine sales strategies suitable for that area.

Marketing Campaigns

Banks can leverage location intelligence to create personalized marketing campaigns by combining location data, transaction history, and customer profiles. From these three types of data, banks can gain insights into the types of offers and messages preferred by customers, enabling banks to create campaigns tailored to these preferences.

Improving Customer Experience

Through Location Intelligence, banks can access information about consumer behavior, allowing them to expedite processes and provide tailored assistance.

Additionally, by tracking consumer movement using Beacons, businesses can evaluate waiting times for each customer. From there, banks can redesign the bank’s layout to facilitate access and increase staff numbers during busy hours, which in turn can enhance customer satisfaction.

Market Expansion

Location Intelligence helps banks make better decisions when expanding into new territories and assessing financial products in demand in those areas, enabling banks to tailor products to local needs.

For example, banks can identify an increase in demand for affordable housing through property trend data and economic indicators in that area. This information can be used by banks to provide mortgage offers tailored to the needs of that area.

Enhance Customer Experience with LOKASI Intelligence

LOKASI Intelligence provides comprehensive information and insights that assist businesses in offering products at the right time and location for customers, thereby enhancing the customer experience.

LOKASI  is a geospatial data and analytics platform integrated with location intelligence, aiding businesses in identifying optimal locations for opening new branches. 

Additionally, LOKASI also provides demographic and mobile data useful for understanding consumer behavior, enabling banks to offer better services.

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What is location intelligence?

Location Intelligence involves gathering insights from geospatial data and showcasing them on maps by layering spatial information.

Why do banks need location intelligence?

Location Intelligence helps banks improve data quality, maximize operational efficiency, reduce business risks, enhance expansion success, and more.

How does location intelligence benefit banks?

The benefits of location intelligence for banks include optimizing branch locations, selecting optimal sites, refining marketing campaigns, enhancing customer experience, expanding into new markets, and more.

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