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April 30, 2020

Together Lokasi Intelligence, LokasiMaps and Dheket solve many of the problems that Indonesia is facing today.


Bhumi Varta Technology

launched in mid-2018, as an Indonesian software company specialising in location intelligence, business analytics, mapping and geo-fencing technology. BVT was founded by three people with very different backgrounds but with a similar vision towards the future of technology in Indonesia.

David has a vast experience in Indonesian business. He was the founder of Toba Bara Sejahtera TBK (IDX:TOBA) and was involved in the IPO Committee in 2012. He has held a wide range of directorships in various family businesses including Kutai Energi and been Commissioner in companies including PT Raka Bumi Sejahtra and Sari Pasific Hotel Indonesia. He is also independent Commissioner of Indonesian Petroleum Pipe Association. David works with the team in an advisory role on the Indonesian market and also helps with recruitment through our partnership with his family’s Institut Teknologi Del in North Sumatera.

Martyn has lived in Asia for nearly 20 years, mainly in Tokyo and Hong Kong where he has held various positions in Financial Markets, Private Banking, Family Offices and the Hedge Fund space. After setting up his own boutique Venture Capital business in Singapore in late 2016, Martyn moved to Indonesia during 2018 to focus on his primary investment Bhumi Varta Technology ( Martyn’s focus is on funding, partnerships, recruitment and all other commercial roles.

Benny holds a Bachelor's Degree in Geodesy from Gadjah Mada University (UGM) from 2006 and has over 12 years experience in Geographic Information System, Geodatabase, Spatial Analytics and System Integration. Prior to joining Bhumi Varta Technology (, Benny was working in mining, palm plantations, property, IT consultancy and the retail industry. His background gives him a sophisticated grasp not only on mapping survey and aerial photography, but also location intelligence and business development.

Together they established the only end to end location intelligence and business optimization software in Indonesia. This is based on cutting edge Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and machine learning technology

Their flagship product is LOKASI Intelligence, a powerful analytic tool designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyse, manage and present spatial or geographical data to make all types of big data easy to understand on maps and therefore more useful for your businesses and other organisations. In simple words, it’s an engine that maps huge amounts of big data across Indonesia with algorithms to use their data and client data to make better decisions and projections. BVT has a huge data library including demographic data, Social Economy Status data (SES), Point of Interest data (POI), zoning regulations, land value, telco data (people traffic and more advanced) and many more. This data is combined with client data and machine learning to generate an exceptional business insight exclusively relevant to your business.

BVT realizes every company has different goals and needs, hence they created fully customised software based on Indonesian market demand. Their different Lokasi modules allow a business to select what is essential for their particular aims and requirements.

In December 2019 this early success, led to two local Indonesian businessmen, Arya Setiadharma, the CEO of Prasetia Dwidharma and Felix Setyomulyono, the Managing Partner of Azure Investment Partners, to join as investors and board members. Both of their fathers have strong business backgrounds with Astra and Arya and Felix have invested in a number of high quality tech start ups. With their network and experience in Indonesian business along with the existing partners and fantastic team, BVT are very well equipped to move forward and succeed.

Bhumi Varta Technology also has 2 other products to be rolled out in the Indonesian market in 2020 and 2021. As they have been accumulating and mapping data for many companies and organisations, they hold a huge amount of POI data (Points of Interest) and through their work with companies on logistics routing, they have their own map with over 900,000KM of roads with class of road categories and traffic rules. LokasiMaps will be launched and offered to government, taxi services, ride sharing applications and eventually the public on their mobile phone through downloads, as a local ‘built in Indonesia, by Indonesians’ alternative to other international map options.

LokasiMaps will be targeted specifically at the Indonesian Market. Dheket will be part of LokasiMaps and part of the download.

Dheket will match individuals and businesses based on locations and their specific interest within their reach and communicate instantly. While this could be very helpful for many businesses and Lokasi Intelligence clients too as a super application for people who cannot download all store/outlet applications, it is specifically aimed at helping the 50 million strong SME community in Indonesia, communicate with their potential clients and for consumers to find what they need instantly. The application uses GeoFencing and their detailed map to achieve this and is far more cost effective than SMS blasting or handing out flyers. It also provides the BVT team with additional data for their flagship location and business intelligence software.

Together Lokasi Intelligence, LokasiMaps and Dheket solve many of the problems that Indonesia is facing today.

In April 2020 BVT moved to their own building in BSD, Tangerang, to fit with their rapid expansion. The team has grown to over 50 people with aims for 100 staff in the coming year, as business increases dramatically. BVT remains majority funded by it’s initial partners and so far has not been funded by large VC’s.

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