UI/UX Lead

UI/UX Lead
View below the job description in addition to the application form.
Job Requirement:
  • Manage a team of UI/UX designers, overseeing their work quality and ensuring timely project delivery.  
  • Engage with potential and existing clients to identify user needs and objectives, translating them into actionable design strategies.  
  • Play a key role in product development, conducting research and providing strategic insights to drive user-centered design decisions.  
  • Efficiently allocate work among UI/UX designers, maintaining a well-balanced workload and fostering a collaborative environment.  
  • Facilitate design thinking activities and workshops with the UI/UX team and other cross-functional teams to drive innovation and problem-solving.  
  • Identify opportunities for design enhancements that align with business goals, improving user experiences and driving product success.  
  • Collaborate closely with the Engineering division to ensure smooth handover of design assets and seamless implementation.  
  • Prepare and deliver monthly reports and benchmarks to stakeholders, showcasing the impact of UI/UX initiatives and providing actionable recommendations for further improvement. 
Technical Requirement
  • Bachelor’s degree in geodetic engineering, psychology, business, marketing, visual communication design, or related fields.  
  • Minimum 1 (one) year of experience in a supervisory or team lead role.  
  • At least 3 (three) years of hands-on experience in the UI/UX field, demonstrating a strong portfolio of successful projects.  
  • Proficiency in whiteboarding tools like Figjam to facilitate collaborative ideation and design processes. 
  • Proven expertise in using Figma for creating and iterating on design concepts, wireframes, and prototypes. 
  • Excellent verbal communication skills in Bahasa Indonesia and English, enabling effective collaboration with diverse stakeholders. 
  • Proficient in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft 365 suite, utilizing data analysis and visualization to inform design decisions. 
  • Exceptional writing skills in Bahasa Indonesia and English, ensuring clear communication of design concepts and recommendations. 
  • Ability to plan and conduct design workshops with cross-functional teams, fostering a collaborative and inclusive design culture.