Project Administrator

Project Administrator
View below the job description in addition to the application form.
  • Communicate with all members of the Engineering team (including GIS Data, Data Engineering & Analytics, Developers, QA, and DevOps) as per the directives of the VP of Engineering.
  • Compile notes from team discussions to outline daily/sprint activities for the Engineering Division (comprising GIS Data, Data Engineering & Analytics, Developers, QA, and DevOps).
  • Engage with external stakeholders regarding products and projects outside the Engineering team.
  • Prepare weekly and monthly reports on the activities within the Engineering Division.
  • Serve as the Minute of Meeting (MoM) recorder during meetings with the VP of Engineering.
  • Assist in preparing documentation for activities that require documentation within the Engineering Division.
  • Aid in creating weekly/monthly coordination schedules for the Engineering team.
Preferred Qualifications:
  • Experience in administrative/secretarial activities or related roles for 3 years.
  • Educational background in fields such as Communication, Business, IT, or related areas.
  • Ability to communicate effectively within a team, facilitating the exchange of information.
  • Proficiency in communicating and creating reports in English.
  • Skill in preparing well-structured documents and reports.
  • A willingness to learn about Information Technology.
  • Understanding of the latest technology trends.
  • Adaptability and flexibility in working with different teams.